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  1. VFD Motor and Battery Compatibility

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for a VFD to pair with a 15kW three phase induction motor rated at 230/460V and 48/24A continuous (460V * 24A = 11040W < 15kW :confused:). The thing is, I looked into the motor's specs, and it has a starting current of 165.8A, and I can't seem to find a VFD with a...
  2. VFD Motor and Battery Compatibility

    Technical Discussion
    Hello everyone! I've found an industrial 15kW three-phase AC induction motor, and I'm in the market for a VFD to run this thing. It's a Baldor GDM2515T rated at 20HP, 230/460V, & 48/24A ("Full load amps"). It's weight is great for it's power and I like the fact that it's AC. I've found a...
  3. Hello from Iowa

    New Member Introductions
    Hello there everybody. My name is James Dierickx , I use the user name in a lot of forums as IAINVENTOR. I have been off grid for years below the radar and want to invent things to make us less dependent on foreign oil. I am custom creating (KeV) "Kinetic electric vehicles" Converasion...
  4. Magic Sinewaves - Don Lancaster - suitable for AC drives?

    For some time now Don Lancaster of "The Guru's Lair" and "Tinaja Quest" has been touting his unique methodology of creating sinewaves using a modified PWM technique which requires much less storage space for the sine tables and very low harmonic content. Has anyone actually tried this method for...
  5. Controlling three phase motor with joystick

    Technical Discussion
    I made a control interface which accepts a standard PC joystick and provides a +/- 5 VDC signal to the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). The motor automatically reverses depending on the polarity of the signal. The control interface also has a PIC18F4420 which has 5 active ADC channels which will...
  6. Low cost VFD as basis for AC Drive. Protips?

    I found this on ebay: Appears to be a cheap Chinese VFD, and from what i can decipher, it has Torque Control, and analog input. With an upgraded...
  7. Lenze AC Controller VFD Upgrade

    Does anyone here have experience with the internals of Lenze 9300 series industrial Variable Speed Controllers? Specifically, the Lenze 9327, 9328 and 9329 (16, 22 and 30kW) all come in the same case size and weight. I have pulled my 9327 apart and it looks as if standard larger IGBTs will fit...