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  1. Is Epic Soccer Training a Scam?

    The game soccer is considered to be the second most popular game all over the world or shall I say in some countries for that matter because obviously there are countries today that consider it to be the top one. So, there are lot players on the field of soccer now and they are still on...
  2. Ride Along at 128mph in DC Plasma

    EV Performance
    Hey, bored of putzing along at 50mph to try to save energy? feeling hungry since dinner was an hour ago and your still driving home? want to feel real EV excitement again even if only vicariously? Try riding along with DC Plasma at 128mph, woot...
  3. I experienced my first burnt up cell today, and got video!

    Batteries and Charging
    Was about to take it for a test run after rebuilding the speed controller, but ran into other issues. I'm needing to test out some things to figure out what initiated the whole thing. It is actually kinda satisfying to have my own experience with a catastrophic cell failure. These are Headway...
  4. video: future of transportation

    EV News
    the future of transportation is very important for development of the cities an logistic system. found a video that shows one possible way. watch here:
  5. BBC ANTI ELECTRIC CAR AGENDA?? Check this out!! Cheeky top gear spoof.....

    EV News
    Hey guys, So reports have been wizzing around of the BBC being anti - electic cars - especially with the TOp GEAR SPECIAL COMING UP - with photos of them pushing cars!:confused::confused::confused: CHECK THIS OUT AS A RESPONSE!! PASS IT ROUND TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW - show em what we...
  6. video: MB Sprinter NGT

    New Member Introductions
    even if its not EV, its quite interesting. here's a video about the Sprinter NGT explaining its technology from the CV Show 2011 in Birmingham UK.
  7. video: CV Show Overview

    EV News
    here's an overview video of the largest Commercial Vehicle show in Europe. there have been several electric vans and other innovative ideas. stay tuned for more!
  8. Free 45 min Conversion Instruction Video

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hey everyone, At the end of last summer, I did a presentation at the first ever Mother Earth Fair, on how I converted a Geo Metro to electric. I just set up a video camera in the back of the room to capture the presentation, and I have that video up on YouTube. Since YouTube typically only...
  9. Video Camera Charge Monitor

    Batteries and Charging
    Has anyone used a camera to monitor their battery charger? My charger pulls about 12 amps while charging, and about 10% of that while 'off'. If I leave it plugged in from get home to leave home that's ~16 hours, with the charge taking 7-8, so the majority of the time it's not doing anything...
  10. Funny EV Video - 30 Seconds

    New Member Introductions
    Very clever and funny all-out 30 second video! Help a long time EAA member and EV advocate win a brand new Nissan LEAF! Just under 24 hours left to vote for my humorous 30 second LEAF video :D Enter a valid email to vote and you must open...
  11. Featured EV Video: Living with an EV part 4

    2414768 Gav's EV Conversion - Living with an EV - IV from Gav on Vimeo. If you aren't familiar with Gav, he's been a long time contributing member of DIYElectricCar under the name of "kiwiev." Gav converted a 1987 Mitsubishi Tredia last year and has been since making films about his...
  12. Featured EV Video: Craig Dusing's Chevy S-10

    This weekend we filmed some footage of Craig's S10 EV. I thought it was a very nice conversion although he wants to make it even cleaner still. The truck had plenty of pep and good range. If you have questions about this conversion, this is the place to ask. He used 16 8v Trojan golf cart...