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  1. For Sale: 1974 Beetle with Rebirth Auto 96V Conversion in Minneapolis MN - $3000 OBO

    1974 Volkswagon Beetle with 96 Volt Rebirth Auto Electric Vehicle conversion kit. I originally paid about $1000 for the car and $7500 including tax and shipping for the conversion kit from Rebirth Auto in early 2009. I worked on it on and off in the third stall of my garage and got the...
  2. VW Adapter plate & coupling shaft

    VW Bug Adapter Plate and Shaft Coupler I pulled these from my now defunct Emoli Bug. There are some pictures in this thread from Endless Sphere. A some point I tapped a second set screw so that the coupler can work for both long and short shaft...
  3. Have old VW Conversion motor with B-29 Motor need help.

    Technical Discussion
    I have an old conversion motor for my VW kit car that was a starter generator from a B-29. My problem is that it is not a series DC but probably a compound DC motor with 4 terminals and it has 4 brushes as well. The 4 terminals do not go to the 4 brushes but I believe 2 go to the windings. I did...
  4. 1984 VW Rabbit conversion help

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi, I'm new to the site and planning to convert a 1984 VW Rabbit I have no experience with car mechanics Things i want -60-70 mph -at least 30 miles per charge -all parts (except car body) less than $5000 if possible I've been looking at electro automotive's conversion kit for VW...