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  1. Rate my build plan (c3 corvette)

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    Location: San francisco, CA Budget: Like 15k for the donor car, and hopefully less than 20k for all the conversion parts and any labor costs. Donor car: 1975 c3 corvette. They're cheap, easy to convert the bumpers back to the wonderful 68-72 chrome bumper design, and have some decent safety...
  2. Ampera/Volt inverter small interface board PCB

    I successfully powered my car on the driveway with Ampera inverter using my interface PCB. I still have some of sensor board interface PCBs left if anyone is interested in using Ampera inverter with Johannes mainboard. I can sell at 20€ per PCB. Also i can help with instructions on how to...
  3. Chevy Volt battery management?

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    Has anyone out there got a way of using the connectors already on the chevy volt battery modules to hook up to a management system or balancing system? Is there an off the shelf plug which will fit the connectors on top of each pack?
  4. Volt batteries safe parallel Wireing

    Batteries and Charging
    Volt batteries safe parallel Wiring I would like some suggestions on options for connecting Volt batteries into a safe parallel pack configuration. The pack will be for a golf/utility cart. The following are some specs I would like from the pack. 48V 200Ah approx. The physical size of 4...
  5. the Chevy Volt is fine by me

    Production EVs
    At the very least, GM is heading in the right direction with the Volt. Sure, it may not have a 100 mile range like the Leaf, but for 80% of commuters, 40 miles is plenty. And the lack of range anxiety may be enough to sway the "non EV types" to go for it. But, the one big complaint about the...
  6. Plug in America 2010 Pictures

    EV News
    Battery for the Leaf Volt Volt BMS Volt BMS Volt battery with water cooling. An awful lot of potential coolant leaks if you ask me. Volt battery with water cooling. Lots of hose clamps. I guess thats the price you pay for a small battery with high current. I like the leafs...
  7. GM Volt engine removal idea

    New Member Introductions
    I think the Volt will be a great thing for consumer acceptance of electric vehicles if/when it finally gets to market. The ability to have the generator kick in for longer trips is great. But most of the time when i want to do a longer trip, I know I am going to do a longer trip i.e. a planned...
  8. Chevy Launches New Site for Volt

    Chevrolet recently launched an information and social networking site for their upcoming Electric Vehicle, the Volt. The site is full of photos of the vehicle and videos on the manufacturing process and technical aspects of the vehicle. It seems to be just getting started but looks to be the...
  9. Chevy Volt's Updated Design

    Production EVs
    Director of Design for the Volt, Bob Boniface, talks about the updated designs.
  10. Chevy Volt Commercial

    Production EVs
    Just saw this while watching the olympics.