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  1. 1963 bug with leaf motor/inverter

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    hi i looking to do up my 63 bug but now want to put a leaf motor and inverter in her and attach it directly to the trans axl with no clutch i will just drive her in 3rd gear and use reverse gear i have been looking at a Thunderstruck vcu as controller with a Curtis ET-126 throttle connected to...
  2. 1971 VW Super Beetle Electric Conversion

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    Hey all, This will be the conversion thread where I ask (hopefully) not-too-stupid questions and post pictures of the things I've broken. GOALS Top Speed - we'd like to get 70-80mph for the headroom of it. We live in Southern California - everything is highway driving here. Range - in a...
  3. Low cost electric Beetle

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    Hi all I am new to converting cars to electric so I have decided to do my first conversion on a simple, cheap VW Beetle. By using a Beetle I plan on making the conversion a simple as possible as the Beetle doesn't have power breaks, power steering or any complicated wiring. I aim to make this...
  4. Planning Beetle conversion

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    Your skill level with auto mechanics and fabrication Auto Mechanics: Some, but not a whole bunch. I have worked on my own cars without trouble, but not too fancy, however, I have friends who are much better car people who can help when I get stuck. Fabrication: I can build wood boxes, but...