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    Ideally with the outer can, but unmolested guts of one is ok. Outer can by itself is ok as well. Looking for a dead one, not a good one, that you haven't bothered to throw away yet. One from a flood car might be ok, depending on circumstances. Might consider an entire dead LDU as well.
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    Hello, I am looking to purchase a second one of these as it has worked faultlessly, but it seems Brusa are no longer supplying them direct.
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    Hello all! I’m desperately looking for a motor. Not picky, but looking for something around 40-50kw. Around 100V If you’ve got an inverter, controller, whatever, I’d be interested in that as well. Thanks!
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    I'd like to finish a 4S LiFePO4 pack for my little proa sailboat's electric drive, but I only have 3 CALB SE100Aha cells. So I need one more. Is there anyone in southern BC (Canada), or northwest WA who can spare a cell in good condition?
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    Hey folks.**A friend and I are trying to resurrect a neglected electric car, unfortunately ~16 of the cells in the pack appear to be discharged beyond hope. The cells are ThunderSky TS-LFP160AHA.**Anyone have a tip on where we might find some used cells affordably? Alternatively we may swap...
1-5 of 5 Results