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  1. Would this setup work?

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I've recently acquired an unfinished kit car project that i'm hoping to complete using EV components. The car is RWD and i was hoping to either just use direct drive or get a gear reducer of some sort. I'm looking for a pretty decent power output. I was thinking of using the following...
  2. WarP 13 vs. 2 x Warp 9

    Electric Motors
    Hi Everyone, I'm in the early planning stages of converting my '68 Porsche to an EV (largely thanks to inspiration from Joey's Porsche and detailed build thread). I am blown away by the performance from twin WarP 9s from White Zombie and DC Plasma, and am interested in turning my Porsche...
  3. Warp drive limiting

    I would like to limit motor RPM by shutting down the Warp drive controller, I have an older controller without brake and reverse inputs. I have not been able to test yet but think if I cut the ignition line, I would have to wait for the start sequence and possibly set a code as well. Has anyone...
  4. The FOAT (Fastest of All Time)

    EV Performance
    All, check out a board I've been on lately Its kind of a social network thing (like facebook) for racers of anything FAST. Trains, planes, automobiles, boats, RC cars anything that is FAST. I had quite a reception as the webmaster and their sponsors sought me out to post some...