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  1. 1986 Mustang GT with WarP9

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hello I just picked up a used conversion kit and I thought I'd put it in my 1986 Ford Mustang GT. The car is in pretty rough shape so this will be an EV conversion and vehicle restoration at the same time. Currently I am an engineering student concentrating on Electrical Engineering at East...
  2. About to dive in dc vw bus conversion (reality check)

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    After a few years with the idea brewing and the last ~5 months of researching I have found what seems to be the best deal and am about to start my first ev conversion. Before I pull the trigger I'm looking for a last minute reality check to confirm I haven't missed anything too significant...
  3. DeLorean Tranmission Adaption

    Technical Discussion
    Good day all, I've been reading updates and projects for about a year here, I haven't really had much to contribute so I've stayed quiet. Now I could use some opinions, as I may have come across my pipe-dream project car, in my budget. I've been contemplating this build for years, going back...
  4. Help matching motors and vehicle weights.

    Electric Motors
    I want to know what weight vehicles the motors currently on the market could reliably move certain weights through the mountains and down the highway for extended periods. For comparison reasons let's assume the motors are geared so that the vehicle travels at 90mph with the motor at max RPM...
  5. Forsale: Zilla 1k-LV and Warp 9 together $2500

    Well it's been fun but my son crashed his car. His car has an identical chassis to my EV. I'm looking at pulling the EV stuff and putting in his motor to get him on the road again (my Ev isn't finished enough or have enough range for his needs). So offering up the EV components for sale. If...
  6. AMD DC Motor 9" really cheap

    Hello guys, I have this AMD DC motor in Frisco, TX. Local pickup of course is FREE, also I can personally deliver it around Dallas for $50USD, any other state or country have to be quoted and shipped via UPS/FedEx. The motor is in a wood box now. I've been using it in a VW Classic Beetle in a...
  7. 34HP and 100 lb ft sufficient for 2200 pounds car?

    Technical Discussion
    Hi guys. Totally new so excuse me for any mistakes. 1. Will this engine WARP 9 (rated at 34 HP and 100lbft of torque) will suffice to drive a small car Suzuki Alto which weighs (gasoline model) 2200 pounds or so? I have more questions but i'll take it from there :) THANK YOU!!
  8. KE70 to be kEV70

    Hey All, I'm Daniel Stanton a 17 year old from Little old New Zealand. I've had a Toyota corolla KE70 lying around my farm for a long time, which previously was a paddock racer, and has a few dings. My friends and I were going to do a engine swag for a 1jz or a 2jz Toyota motor but have...
  9. 1985 VW Cabriolet *Build Thread*

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Your skill level with auto mechanics and fabrication: Medium, I know how to buy raw materials from home depot and turn them into hinges/platforms/etc. I know how to crimp and solder and keep myself from getting electrocuted. The range you are hoping to get (how many miles/charge) 40 miles /...
  10. HELP! EV Speed Reducer Transmission Help

    Technical Discussion
    Hi everyone, my team are currently on to a project to build our own full scale EV from bolts and nuts up to a full scale size. Currently im in charge of the transmission system. I really need help from u professionals here in this forum. I have a Warp 9 motor and im trygin to step down the...
  11. 1987 Chevrolet S-10 Chevrolet S10 Electric Vehicle Warp9, 1KHV Zilla, LiFePo4 Excelle

    eBay EV-Related Auctions
    Dear Group, Thank you for all of the information that you as a group have provided to help me convert my S10 to Electric! Just for your information .......... I am selling the All Electric S10! The time has come to start a new project, I hate to sell the S10 EV, but...
  12. Warp 9 - $1,300

    I have a Warp9 that I purchased used from a local member and never got around to installing. It is located in Livermore, CA. Too heavy to ship so pickup only. $1,300 You are more than welcome to come by for an inspection any time. I have some other odds and ends like 7,000 Emoli cells, 48V...
  13. TransWarp9 For Sale

    Never used Transwarp9 for sale. Includes (also never used) Tailshaft Housing and Slip Yoke. Like new condition. Buyer picks up or pays for shipping. Serial #T2454466430. $1500+shipping.
  14. NetGain Warp 9 - Curtis 1231C @144V

    EV Performance
    I'm planning another conversion (still at the beginning) and would be thankfull about your opinnions about this constellation: NetGain Warp 9 - Curtis 1231C @144V My first conversion (VW New Beetle) is driven by a D&D ES-31B and a Curtis 1221C @ 120V It works, but with 50mph "comfort speed" it...

    All prices are in AU$. Located in Hawthorn, Melbourne Netgain Warp9 Motor - $2,200 Great condition near new, few scratches from mounting in chassis but hardly used. Curtis 1231C 500A - $1,500 Great condition near new (Yes, fully working), again few minor scratches - hardly used MOTOR AND...