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  1. Technical Discussion
    Picture of wiring diagram for batteries and switches getting code 71 and 14. Help please this is for a 2010 Wheego Whip
  2. Production EVs
    Wheego Report: 3 Months After several years of wanting, planning & shopping for an EV, I found what seemed like a good deal on a 4 year old unsold new Wheego. The important features to me included an HPEVS motor & controller and Air Conditioning. After driving it for 3 months, I don’t have any...
  3. Controllers
    two days ago, I dropped $22k for a new Wheego Whip. Sure, I want to turn up the speed and I can pay someone $35 to do that for me in a minute, but I'd like to be able to diagnose on a long term. I'm very new to Electric Vehicles, but not to Vehicles in general. I'm checked out on OBDII and...
1-3 of 3 Results