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  1. Technical Discussion
    There were some other threads related to this, but I think the specific subject of the nominal current rating of various wire sizes, and the ability to handle overloads above those ratings, deserves separate attention. I just ran a test of #16 AWG magnet wire, which is conservatively rated at...
  2. Technical Discussion
    Hi! I'm converting a 1993 Ford Probe GT. Check out the conversion thread. I have 45 Thundersky batteries. They are 3.2V and 160Ah each. I'll have them all connected in series for 160Ah at 144V. The pack will be used with a WarP9 and a Soliton1. I probably won't draw more than 500 or 600Amps...
  3. Controllers
    Can you tell me how to connect the Kelly controller? I have blown 3 KDH14500's. 1st one was when I had the controllers power coming from the trucks ignition and had the ground grounded to the trucks ground. Touched the 144V pack to the trucks ground and blew it. 2nd one I had a spare (12ah)...
1-3 of 3 Results