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  1. Use hall effect pedal on a controller looking for a potentiometer input.

    Technical Discussion
    Hey everyone, I've been working on my EV conversion, and if you want to see my current progress, here's a link to my latest video on it ( I'm working on wiring it all together and getting the motor to react to the throttle pedal. After trying for a bit, I came to...
  2. Custom Fuse Box

    Technical Discussion
    Hi all! I am getting to a stage where I am almost ready to take my custom EV for a ride, but I am working on wiring right now. My question comes down to how I should be wiring everything up under the hood. I had an idea to use the key-on power to activate a relay between the 12v accessory...
  3. Help with the final stages of my ATV Conversion

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    I have purchased a motor and a motor controller and am looking to move into the final stages of wiring and mounting my motor and components to finish the conversion for my ATV. I have bought the following components: Mars ME0909 Motenergy Motor Curtis 1205M 48V 500A Motor Controller I have...
  4. Does anyone know how to extract pins on the Nissan Leaf BMS cell tap connectors?

    Batteries and Charging
    It appears to be a double locking connector, metal clip on the pin and then a plastic locking retainer. But I have not figured out how to remove the pins with out breaking the connector... I am sure it is something simple. Otherwise I can just cut and solder the wires, but that would be a lot...
  5. Volt batteries safe parallel Wireing

    Batteries and Charging
    Volt batteries safe parallel Wiring I would like some suggestions on options for connecting Volt batteries into a safe parallel pack configuration. The pack will be for a golf/utility cart. The following are some specs I would like from the pack. 48V 200Ah approx. The physical size of 4...
  6. UMOC435T Motor Controller Wiring Resources

    Hi, I recently got my hands on a Solectria UMOC435T motor controller. I'm member of collegiate engineering and design team and my team is fielding the idea of trying to use this motor controller in an electric snowmobile conversion. I'm trying to understand the wiring for UMOC's 12V I/O...
  7. Necessity of a Motor Controller?

    All EV Conversions and Builds
    Hi everyone. I am relatively new to the electric veichle world, but I know my way around electronic circuits and whatnot. I am toying with the concept of constructing an EV (not really for driving on public roads, just a small buggy for my enjoyment) and wondering about the necessity of a...
  8. Having issues wiring AC50 + Curtis + Calb

    Technical Discussion
    Hey guys, I have never really posted because I didn't have anything to contribute. But soon I will. I have bought 62 Calb batteries, 60Ah. I made 2 packs worth 95V 60Ah, wired together made 95V 120Ah (I didn't use all 62 batteries). All that to give power to my HiPer AC50 motor. I wired...
  9. BMS, WICOM touch screen, help!!!

    Batteries and Charging
    I bought a BMS touch screen display, (I thought was supposed to display (7.5") a dial for voltage, current and SOC meter, but it only displays SOC and will also display individual batt voltages on another screen. My problem is, they don't have instructions on how to connect it up. Most of it...
  10. Looking for TinyCAD schematic files

    Technical Discussion
    Does anyone have schematic files that they're willing to share? I'm toying with TinyCAD to document the specifics of my vehicle (BMW318ti) and how the eV portions blend in with the factory wiring. I'm open to other tools besides TinyCAD, but it was open source and seems to be fairly simplistic...
  11. High Voltage Wiring

    Technical Discussion
    Hey, I've heard you don't want to wire the High Voltage positive and negative side by side. I have my truck's HV wires tied together side by side. Is this slowing me down? Limiting my range? I know the cold sure does!
  12. Stumbling block to complete conversion: KSI to Secondary Contactor

    Technical Discussion
    So I literally only have to solve this problem and then I'll have my '73 squareback roadside instead of on jackstands. So, I am pleading for help here as I am totally stumped. I'll try to best explain this problem. Essentially, I am able to run the motor when I connect a cable from the KSI...