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  1. sepex controller for 96V motor ?

    Hello from south of France. I am searching a Separately Excitated Motor Controller for a 96V sepex motor. It's easy to find/48/72/80 V, but difficult to find for 96V sepex motors. This motor is the original motor of the Electric Piaggio Porter, a EU version of the Daihatsu Hijet electric...
  2. Zapi AC-3 inverter motor controller, 80V

    eBay EV-Related Auctions
    Hi guys, I've listed my Zapi AC-3 on ebay (gave up on my conversion, sadly :( ): It has never been used. Needs 80V battery pack and an AC motor suitable for low voltage, and you're...
  3. Looking for a Zapi digital console

    I have a Zapi Sem-1 Sepex controller in my electric boat (yes, cars are not the only vehicle going electric. No regen braking however!). I need a Zapi console to program the set points and view diagnostics. Does anyone know where I can buy a console? In theory, you should be able to connect...
  4. Zapi SEM 0 controller

    I have a Zapi Sem 0 controller labeled for 24 v. I want to control a 4hp series wound 24V dc motor. Is this possible and how do I connect to the controller? Here are the specifics on the controller: Technical details: Supply voltage: 24 ÷ 36V Maximum current: 150 ÷ 200A High...