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zilla controller

  1. Zilla Z1K-LV with A and P option, Including HEPA pedal

    For Sale. Zilla and Hairball (Sold) Zilla Z1K-LV with Opt-A and Opt-P Hairball 2, Zilla Interface HEPA Hall Effect Pedal Assembly, Includes cable and connector. Includes a Zilla screw driver :) Perfect working order. Disassembled my EV and am moving on to another project. To buy all...
  2. Forsale: Zilla 1k-LV and Warp 9 together $2500

    Well it's been fun but my son crashed his car. His car has an identical chassis to my EV. I'm looking at pulling the EV stuff and putting in his motor to get him on the road again (my Ev isn't finished enough or have enough range for his needs). So offering up the EV components for sale. If...
  3. FS - Zilla EHV-1K dual motor capable Controller, 'hairball', and pedal assembly

    Howdy, I have a Zilla EHV-1K for sale. I purchased this recently from user 'vmrod' [1], but decided to go with an AC setup instead. SOLD - 1000 amps!, <375volts - supports dual motors - water cooled - HEPA pedal has been cut for remote mount use - a spare 'hairball 2' is included, but...
  4. Used EV Parts for Sale

    Several newly posted EV parts for sale including Zilla 1k HV with Haorball, Netgain Transwarp 9 motor. MM PFC-30 Charger, and more. Check it out at Motivated to sell due to newly arriving inventory and we need the space. No reasonable offer refused...