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  1. Hairball tach input

    My 10 year old Zilla based conversion is having a problem. The tach has been working for years, but recently the needle started to stick, then the Zilla starts to cut out. I figured out it was the Stall Detect and turned it off. That allowed me to continue to drive it, but not long after, the...
  2. Wanted: Zilla hairball2 HV

    1K HV or EHV as I have a 300V pack. LV wont work. Pot or Hepa works (currently have Pot but would switch if thats what you have). Am looking to get my current HB repaired but perhaps this faster, and I'd like to have spare. Located San Diego area. Reasonable price paid. Would like to keep this...
  3. Wanted: 144V DC controller: Curtis 1231C, Evnetics, Zilla used or refurb

    Hi, I am looking for a used or refurbished 144V DC controller for a Porsche Boxter conversion. Flexible in terms of type: e.g. Curtis 1231C, Evnetics Soliton or Soliton Jr, Zilla 1K or 2K. BTW, I have a Curtis 1221C I'm replacing the car (I'm upgrading from 120V to 144V) incase anyone's...
  4. Zilla error 1132

    Hi Folks, my first post. Been running a S10 w/leaf pack, warp9 and Z1K for a few years now. Have gotten this error before and fixed the issue by replacing a corroded RJ45 connector on the power unit. Well the issue has come back so when I get a chance will pull the power unit and try to...
  5. Hairball for Zilla 2

    Technical Discussion
    Hi all! I bought a Zilla 2 used on eBay awhile back, and I'm finally getting around to using it. Looking at what I was sent, not all the cables were sent, specifically those necessary to attach a Palm to the hairball. Honestly, I'd rather hook the hairball directly to my MacBook, but have no...
  6. For Sale: Lectric Leopard, 1400 original miles, $3000

    Too many other projects means my Leopard has sat for far too long. It's time to let it go. The car is just outside Philadelphia. A full description of the car is at . The highlights are: Set up for 20 GC batteries, still seats 4 comfortably A ceramic heater blows...
  7. For Sale: 1987 Porsche 944 Electric

    I converted this car to electric drive around 2006-2007 and it's been registered and street legal ever since. It's a fun car! I'd like to sell the car complete but will consider selling off the components if I can't get a buyer. When I started this project I had planned on using the car as a...
  8. orion bms DCL control over Zilla

    Technical Discussion
    I have a 92 civic with 144v of 180ah new Calbs, Orion BMS, Zilla 1K, ElCon 5k charger. I have lately had potbox trouble (pb-6) and replaced with new pot. The new pot isn't smooth either. I am also having problems trying to achieve DCL control over Zilla output. I can pull current sensor off...
  9. WarP 13 vs. 2 x Warp 9

    Electric Motors
    Hi Everyone, I'm in the early planning stages of converting my '68 Porsche to an EV (largely thanks to inspiration from Joey's Porsche and detailed build thread). I am blown away by the performance from twin WarP 9s from White Zombie and DC Plasma, and am interested in turning my Porsche...
  10. Dead Hairball?

    I've had our Miata conversion on the road for close to 5 years. Sunday it died. Both the "run" light (alternator) and the "error" light (check engine) are lit on the dash. There was no telltale popping noise and all wires, cables, batteries looked fine. I towed it home and put my laptop on the...
  11. Bluetooth Serial Adapter for Zilla/Elithion - Android

    Technical Discussion
    How to access Elithion or Zilla via an Android tablet (instead of having to connect a PC via USB/serial cable): I bought 2 serial-bluetooth adapters from here: About $59 each. These ones allow the baud rate etc... to be set via the...
  12. Cyber Monday Sale at Manzanita Micro, Get a Zilla today!

    Parts Vendors
    Hello All, I never used to put Zillas on sale when I built them, but things are different at Manzanita Micro. Besides having the capacity to keep up with demand (which I used to struggle with) while maintaining excellent quality they are actually having a big Cyber Monday Sale today! Check it...
  13. For Sale: Zilla Z1K-LV with Hairball 2 - $1500

    EDIT: Item has sold. I purchased this Zilla controller back in 2007. I was starting to gather components for a conversion, but then my job situation changed. I had to move, things changed, and now, 5 years later, this beautiful controller is still brand new, in the box and gathering dust. Here...
  14. Wow! Deals on brand new Zillas for Cyber Monday.

    FYI: Manzanita Micro's website shows some pretty tantalizing deals if you are in the market for a new Zilla controller or their chargers and BMS. Their Cyber Monday Sale ad is on the front page of the website. :) No quantity limits but only for 5 hours on November 28.
  15. Zilla Motor Controller Questions

    Hello everyone, I am a graduate student at Oregon State University and as a project for a product commercialization class my group and I have picked the Zilla DC motor controller (a local product) to do a product viability analysis on. Part of the project includes getting customer or...
  16. Zilla Viewer

    Technical Discussion
    Am I the only one who didn't know about Zilla Viewer? Uses the DAQ data from the Zilla to give real time dials or guages so you can see what the amps, voltages, rpm, controller temp, ect... Found it at and used it to see my Zilla's temp going nuts. Here's...
  17. Whats wrong? Motor surges real bad

    Technical Discussion
    I drove the truck 55 miles just to see how far it'd go in 20 degree weather. As I got home, the brakes blew the front drivers side line. So today I replaced it, it fought me all the way, and I got back in the truck to test drive it. I idled down hill but when I started stepping on the gas...
  18. Zilla repair

    My hairball shorted. It rained alot lately, and my weatherproof mounting wasn't as weatherproof as I thought. The 14V to ground blows the fuse and reads .01 ohms, which could be the meters "0". There is some corrosion, tried using electrical cleaner to remove, but the fuse still blows. I've...
  19. The FOAT (Fastest of All Time)

    EV Performance
    All, check out a board I've been on lately Its kind of a social network thing (like facebook) for racers of anything FAST. Trains, planes, automobiles, boats, RC cars anything that is FAST. I had quite a reception as the webmaster and their sponsors sought me out to post some...