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  1. Classifieds
    Make me an offer for the whole car or any separate item!! Dead batteries! All other components of conversion have been used for less than one hour. this car was converted and then sat unused for years! I inherited it recently and do not have the cash to replace the batter pack to get it...
  2. Batteries and Charging
    In the Citroen C1 EV conversion the charger has been modified to allow the BMS to control the charge voltage and hence the multiturn potmeter has been removed. Being in the process of replacing the BMS, we would like to get rid of this modification and refit the potmeter. Only we have no...
  3. Technical Discussion
    I had a short in my EV's plug and a fuse in the charger blew. Zivan wants me to ship to them to repair. They says it cost $300 to $500 to repair. I wanted to replace the fuse, but they said it my cause more damage. Any recommendations? Where does one find the Italweber fuses? Thanks! Dan
  4. Batteries and Charging
    Hi, I recieved my Zivan NG3 charger late september this yeahr and today I wanted to charge my battery pack. But when I plugged in the charger, there only lights up the yellow LED. No fans, no bleep, no voltage at output. The manual says: yellow light - shows that the battery charger reached...
1-4 of 4 Results