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  1. Batteries and Charging
    Hello, No info available enywhere and I am trying to identify all parts in my second hand car. Does anyone recognize these modules? (searching for the text on the stickers did not result in anything) EV03DSH1.0 B32501SSOA15
  2. All EV Conversions and Builds
    This thread will be used to document as much as possible about this Zotye 5008 EV because there is not a lot of information to be found online. It is also known as a 2008 (older), T200 (newer) or Nomad. The car is a Daihatsu Terios which was converted by Zotye. It's not really a DIY...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello, My name is Arjan, I'm 26 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. I've always wanted to convert my first car to electric, but because of regulations and costs it just wasn't feasible. I recently acquired a Zotye 5008 EV, which is a converted Daihatsu Terios. It has at least one cell...
  4. Technical Discussion
    Hello, I have a Zotye 5008 EV (Daihatsu Terios EV swapped) With battery issues. I want to drop the battery packs and have some questions regarding safety. Is it safe for me to disconnect andreconnect the battery leads when the "ignition" is off? The contactors are controlled by thatright...
  5. Controllers
    Hello I am new here and new to EV's I acquired a Zotye 5008 EV a few weeks ago with some battery issues. It's basically a Daihatsu Terios with an electric motor swap. I want to document as much as possible with this car and I am starting off with identifying most parts. Would someone be able...
1-5 of 5 Results