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  1. Miles Zx40s top speed 9mph

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    Hello all, I am hoping someone one can help me diagnosis an issue with a miles Zx40s. The car has been occasionally going into a sort of limp mode where top speed is 9mph. Occasionally I would get a code 43 on the controller, I believe I fixed that by limiting the voltage of the cars auxillary...
  2. 2009 Miles ZX40S Advanced Design

    Production EVs
    Figured I could use this thread to document my 2009 Miles ZX40S Advanced Design with original Curtis 1238-6501 motor controller, HPEVS AC-31 motor, and remanufactured Delta-Q QuiQ 1000 model 912-7200 72v 12A charger. Past message board posts, especially from rmay635703, have been a huge help in...