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Up for sale are a set of almost new 2017 Chevrolet Volt Gen 2 - Lithium-ion Battery Packs.

GEN 2! - GEN 2! - GEN 2! - GEN 2! - GEN 2! - GEN 2! - GEN 2! - GEN 2! - GEN 2!

The Gen 2 packs are lighter and have more energy than the Gen 1 packs. Please see the attached image for comparisons.

These batteries are from an Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, or IIHS, crash test vehicle.

This vehicle had only 32 Miles before the crash test was done!!! So these batteries are as close to a set of new Gen 2 batteries that one can get.

An image of this mileage documentation provenance is included.

These batteries would be great for any EV or Solar project.

We have removed the battery modules from the Volt "T" bone pack to save on shipping costs. So only the 3 battery modules themselves are included.

I have a Gen 2 Chevy Volt OEM BMS available at additional cost.

eBay member since 2004 with a 100% positive feedback rating and an "Above Standard" Seller rating. Buy with confidence!

$3595 cash or PayPal. Local pickup in CT or shipping for $395 flat rate within continental USA.

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