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00-03 Toyota MR2 Electric Power Steering Pump

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I've got an electric MR2 power steering pump along with a quality Tyco 75A relay for sale. I originally bought these to convert my pulley driven system to electric, but I'm just not going to get the time to install it. This picture is the type of unit I have but it is not the actual one you would get. I can get pics of the actual unit if you would like. I have not function tested the pump as I bought it used. I have literally just opened the box and looked it over. The pump has inputs for VSS adjustment or you can just run it full time. I was planning to have it variable with speed.

It is the 00-05 MR2 pump with the built in reservoir and 3 mounting brackets.

As far as price, looks like another one went for 195 on here in the past. I will ask for 175+shipping OBO and include the 75A relay as well. Feel free to ask any questions and don't hesitate to make an offer. I can also supply my ebay feedback if needed.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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