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1,000 Euro EV Build

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So I'm starting a new project. Probably quite insane but I think I can pull it off. In short, I'm going to try and perform a practical EV conversion on a BMW E36 for 1,000 Euros or less. I have set the following rules :

1) No lead acid batteries allowed
2) Range of 40 miles and top speed of at least 70mph
3) Total conversion cost including batteries of one thousand Euros or less

Now, I'm not totally mad (ok I'm halfway there) as I can now seem to get Opel Ampera / Chevy Volt packs for around the 500/600 Euro mark here in Ireland. I think this leaves me enough room to do a nice simple DC conversion with all the normal addons like power steering/brakes/heat etc.

I picked up the cheapest E36 in Ireland. A 96 saloon with ....wait for it......248,000 miles on the clock, a truly horrific 4 cylinder diesel engine and a smell of sheep from the interior...

Stay tuned to see if (when) I screw this up:)


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I can't see how someone like you could screw this up. Might not be 1000, but my money says you will be close.
Found 73 cents in the center console. Now officially the €1,000.73 build:)
This is very cool. Would you like to write a blog post about this? If yes, Please PM me.
Looks very interesting :) I shall be following on youtube.
Found 73 cents in the center console. Now officially the €1,000.73 build:)
You think you're on a tight budget? I heard a rumor that the launch of the Spacex Falcon Heavy was delayed partly because they were still digging out coins hidden in Elon's Roadster.
Zero G will free them off:) Next episode we'll be talking motors!
Excellent Damien.
I cannot wait for this.
An e36 318tds was my first BMW.
Thanks guys. New episode soon:)
Disaster averted! Nearly had to cancel the project as the donor E36 had no stereo:eek: Amazon came to the rescue for 20 bucks:)


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Obviously poor vehicle selection for failing to notice such a major part missing.could have killed the whole project.
Damien, stop teasing us and upload that new episode :D

Any luck on getting the Ampera pack booted up and talking?
I've read out all 96 cells on the Ampera BMS can bus. All good. New episode will be soon:)

Anyone recognise this pcb?


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Looks like a revolt controller.

So DC power it is. :D

Mind sharing the canbus info for an Ampera pack?
Triple whammy for the environment and global warming.
Recycling an ICE piece of c***, an early DIY project and a crashed Volt.
Great contribution for the world, Jack!
Oh please let that be a drop in board for the leaf invertor :):cool:
Whipped up a simple little through hole board to drive the low sides of two 600A IGBT half bridge modules. Based on the ACNW3190 driver chip.


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Here's a little blast from the past. Still going strong 4 years later:)


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