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So I'm starting a new project. Probably quite insane but I think I can pull it off. In short, I'm going to try and perform a practical EV conversion on a BMW E36 for 1,000 Euros or less. I have set the following rules :

1) No lead acid batteries allowed
2) Range of 40 miles and top speed of at least 70mph
3) Total conversion cost including batteries of one thousand Euros or less

Now, I'm not totally mad (ok I'm halfway there) as I can now seem to get Opel Ampera / Chevy Volt packs for around the 500/600 Euro mark here in Ireland. I think this leaves me enough room to do a nice simple DC conversion with all the normal addons like power steering/brakes/heat etc.

I picked up the cheapest E36 in Ireland. A 96 saloon with ....wait for it......248,000 miles on the clock, a truly horrific 4 cylinder diesel engine and a smell of sheep from the interior...

Stay tuned to see if (when) I screw this up:)


1 - 20 of 64 Posts
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