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10 Cells in parallel - maximum charging current

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Hi Guys,


I have 10 Lithium Ion Cells in parallel = 2.2Ah each * 10 = 22Ah (@3.7V)

if i want to charge these cells like they are - what will be the maximum charging current ?

all help welcome.
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Hi shahiddabar

There are a few different chemistries of lithium ion and the datasheet for your cells should say what the maximum charge current is. For my lithium Ion cells the maximum charge current is 1c which equates to 1 x the ah so if this was the same for your cells it would be 22 amps.

Hope this helps

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hi david,

thanks for the reply,

but will it be safe to charge at 22Ah,

how will the current division occur?
will the cells not be exposed to high current (more than 1C)
and possibly heat up?

want to confirm for safety before going ahead..

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The current shares perfectly, that is nothing to be concerned about. With lithium type batteries the battery with the lowest state of charge will always have the lowest voltage. Since your cells are all paralleled they all will have the same voltage and the same state of charge. NiCd and NiMH type cells can have issues if you parallel them which might be where your concern comes from.

If a single cell can be charged at a 3C rate (6.6 amps) safely then the 10 in parallel can safely be charged at 66 amps which is still only a 3C rate.
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