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1000 HP dragbike with Ultracapacitors

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i want to split out the discussion from the other thread to focus on the technical details of the dragbike project.

Sifting thru their blog pages seems to be the only way to find little bits of info about the details.

Their goal is to do 1/4 mile in 6 seconds at 200 mph, and they call out 1000HP. The electric power supply will come from ultracapacitors, looks like the Ioxus Titan 60 x 108mm axial cells, 2.7/2.85V-2000F, weighing 390 gms each. The drawing indicates 3px210s, so it's ~600V pack (somebody double check my count on that). 630 cells x 390 gms = 540 lbs per dcb.

No word on the motor, but some about the gearbox:
a single speed reduction gearbox, using two sets of 31:59 gears to give an overall ratio of 3.81:1. This reduces the motor's peak speed from 22,000 rpm down to 5,750 rpm, after which a standard motorcycle chain/sprockets set gives us 2.5:1 reduction to the rear-wheel rpm of 2,300.


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I'm on a tablet so research is hard, but a number of years ago a group of students raced an EV1 (I think) in a 1/4 mile drag race. They pushed it to the line to converge energy.

Also, without following numbers here, don't caps decrease dramatically in voltage as they yield energy? Result would be massive sag, no?
I'm not sure what advantage the caps would really have over modern LiPo's, other than the cool factor that is.
The capacitors can deliver the power, lipos struggle to provide 2000A
I can assure you that modern LiPo's have no problem at all delivering current!
1 - 4 of 36 Posts
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