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I am looking at upgrading my ADC9" motor to suit a new 1200amp controller 156volts or 192volts.

I am currently running 120volts 800amp controller.

I have been in contact with Kostov and they recon the old KFG-14402 motor‏ will probably not handle the high current.

They recomend 750amps peak and below 4000rpm at 192volts. 180A 4000rpm constant

Anyone have any experience or know of a simular setup?

Not sure if my if it would be a great advantage in swapping my 9" adc motor for this kostov motor to run a 192volt 1200amp controller


I think you may want to stick with your ADC but I am not sure if it will live well in that current range for long. Sounds like you are planning on a few hot trips down the track.

Pete :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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