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I converted my S-10 from Lead Acid to Lithium, and am basically giving away the 120V AC (L1) charger for my shipping costs. It is a QuickCharge "boat anchor" transformer based charger that weights 40 lbs. But, it fits into a USPS medium flat rate box.

I've listed it for sale on ebay for $5 (to reimburse me for the fees ebay charges) plus around $15 S/H.

I listed it as "not working or for parts" on ebay with no returns allowed (because I don't want this sucker back!) but to the best of my knowledge it works just fine (worked fine before I converted to Lithium, but two moves later, I don't have a 120v DC bank of lead acid batteries to test it with).

Figured I'd post a note here to let you all know, as the concentration of generic ebay browsers who need a 120v DC lead acid battery charger is probably relatively low.....

Hi Jay,
I need new batteries for my 120V diy electric car. I'm interested to hear how you did your conversion and if you can point me to resources. Thanks!
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