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1239/AC-51 in limp mode no error

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I have had this set-up running for 4 or 5 months. I recently got the CAN integration with the Orion working, did 200 miles or so and then the rains came. At first I got a 55 error on the spyglass (CAN error) so I disconnected the BMS and shutoff the BMS on the spyglass. Then the car would only limp. I repeatedly shut it down and restarted it and finally it worked normally. I figured I have some rain/moisture issue. Battery pack is at 75%

Today sunny day, car working fine and then limp mode again with no error indicated on spyglass. In neutral I can floor it and the rpms reach 950. The amperage while driving is about 8 amps (spyglass)
In diagnostics mode the throttle voltage seems ok (.6 to 4.3 v) brake input from a pressure transducer is 2.1 volts to 4.5
I have called/emailed Thunderstruck they suspect an encoder issue. I just heard back from them and they suggest disabling my brake transducer.
what would regen off look like? Would that be brake current set at 0% ?
Thanks so much:confused:
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I looked at diagnostic mode on spyglass, because the car worked this morning and saw that my brake input was .4 to 4.5 and as I repeated pressing the brake it changed to 2.1 to 4.5.
Would that make the curtis act like that? It is probably a loose or wet connection? or a bad transducer?
If I pull the voltage feeding the transducer the car works fine but of course without regen.
I re-did all connections and car works fine. In the process of testing I inadvertently pulled the ground from both the brake transducer and the throttle when I turned the key on and hit start the motor went full throttle. Very scary. I have wired very carefully by the schematics. It surprised me it could start up at full throttle at all.
After that point I believe I disabled the brake transducer so it never happened again
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