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12x - Xalt 75HP High Performance Cells - NEW

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Located in Rockwall, TX.

Well, I decided to drop my project that involved using these cells...bought them at $150 each, will to let all 12 go for $1400. Look up the info on these, they have great cycle life at 100% discharge, don't build up much heat, and have HUGE tabs (3"x1.5") for great power transfer. These used to be rated at 10C constant and 20C burst, but Xalt recently downgraded the rating (I assume to cover their butts).

Please email at [email protected], or call 972-672-6692 if interested.

I am only looking to sell all 12 at once. I do have 4 that I used for a prototype battery, each cell tab has two 3/8" holes drilled into them. I never discharged the battery at all. I am willing to do all 4 of those for $300.

The average person has a hard time getting their hands on these cells, so take advantage of this opportunity. Made in the USA, also.
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