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13,000 mile checkup on Yugo

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I put my Yugo up on the hoist today and noticed quite a bit of wear in my shaft coupler..

Looks like I should have used a better lube on it. The teeth on both gears are getting very thin.

Will post pictures when I get it apart. The roads are too snowy now to drive it, so will pull the motor and check brushes also.

DC motor torque is awesome, even for a 8HP motor.:eek:
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been a couple of years since I did this last: you might have a small mis-alignment on the shafts which could cause the tooth wear. Or you are smooshing the elastomeric spacer from over torque. 13K ain't too bad however. I'm Jealous.
No elastomeric spacer, just soft chain sprockets + lots of torque.
I have worn out bicycle chain/gears to the point it would skip with far fewer miles. Sounds like it could be normal wear. Glad you caught it before your Yu-go became a You-Stay.
No elastomeric spacer, just soft chain sprockets + lots of torque.
While I have the car apart, I am going to put the battery pack behind the front seats, so I can heat them up easier for cold weather driving.

What size welding cable is recommended for running from there to the front? #2 or #4.

What is the physical diameter of the actual wire itself?

The length will probably be 6 feet.

I looked in the WIKI , but didn't find any suggestions.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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