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I need a charger to plug my Smart DC anywhere 120v 15A socket will be availiable.
My battery set-up will be 48S - 8P with Headway 10Ah cells. I will use Mini bms centralised with final voltage of 3.6v per cell.

Because I can't find a 1800w charger I need to choose between two 1500w model.

Wich one will be the better choise and what will be the better ending voltage (48s x 3.6v)?

-KP-D(1500w) charger: 250$, amps screen, 120v input, 8A out.....

-Elcon 1500w HF/PFC: 350$, 10 unique algorithms, 85 to 265v input, 8A out.....

Or have you more option of charger for 500$ or less?
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