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Thank you all for your responses,
I move forward and keep you informed :)
There was 2 different ways at first to design your system ...
DC motor or AC motor ?

BLDC motor drive systems seems a little more popular....but less power a little bit!
(under 30kw)

another vender from China

Usually AC motor drive systems are more powerful and heavy duty
(but super high voltage ;))

like to know your replce story!

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Good morning all,
to follow up on post, I want to switch to the following silution: change of current bridge (benevelli tx2 one engine) by a benevelli two engine bridge (see photo).
I want to install two AC34s which should pass without problem in the engine compartment ...
Do you think that my 77v battery will be sufficient to access a really nice couple knowing that the car will not exceed 700kl including driver?
to the okaisir to read your opinions! 馃槉馃槈
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