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18650 build charged by J1772 juicebox

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I am in the works to build a gokart, I have a Juicebox 50 220v AC, can be throttled down to 10Amps i believe.
My battery will be a 26s9p pack for a 96v ~30Ah pack DC.

The packs are currently 13s3p for 48v.

Can someone point me in the right direction for a BMS for 26s that talks to the juicebox? or is it a man in the middle device between the BMS and Juicebox?

Also- J1772 delivers AC power if im not mistaken, so I am guessing a man in the middle is needed.
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An AC charger is just a smart switch box - it tells the car how much current is available and confirms that the car is connected, but just switches on to pass power through - it doesn't regulate anything, or convert AC to DC, or change voltage. So yes, you need a charger, which is normally onboard the car; if you don't want to mount a charger on a kart, you need a DC charging connection to the cart instead of an AC connection.

I don't know if they're all set up this way, but an Orion BMS communicates with the charger by CAN to determine what the charging power and thus AC current will be, then negotiates with the EVSE (the Juice Box in this case) over J1772 to turn on the power.
Just learned about the on board charging module that takes the AC to DC. is there a go to brand for this unit? I saw some early 2018 chevy volt, no idea about programing etc on that just yet.
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