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I'm hoping to build "replacement" cell modules to use in my plug in Prius. I want to retain forced air cooling. My design concept is to use printed circuits to both hold the cells in position and as "buss bars" and weld "fuse" wires between the cells and "buss bars" at both ends. There would a cell positioning/mounting PCB and a separate "buss bar" PCB at each end of the cells. The "buss bar" PCB would be thin and have 3oz copper on both sides and lots of vias connecting the sides. The mounting PCB might not even have any copper but would be thicker to provide a strong "frame" for the battery modules. The cooling air would flow through additional holes in the PCBs. Has anyone tried this approach? If so how did it work?
FWIW The PIP uses 56 (pouch) cells in series and the stock battery has 4 series connected cell modules and the BMS divides each cell module in half.
The pack is fused at 150 amps and rarely sees over 100 amps.
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