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I've been reading and searching but haven't come up with the information I've been looking for. The forums here are quite extensive so I'm hoping a couple of regulars can point me in the right direction.

I've been given a ZAP Xebra (you can quit laughing any time.....) that has no batteries. I also have a very large stock and continuing source of 18650 cells. I build and ride electric bikes so battery packs and their BMSs are familiar to me. But, I'm having trouble figuring out how a BMS will scale up to 100+ ah battery at 72-84 volts. There is no problem getting a BMS for 72 volts but it can't do the 200-400 amps out needed for even a little car like the Xebra. I suppose there must be "auto" rated BMSs that I haven't discovered yet or are BMSs for this type application used just for charging and bypassed for run-time? Is a single battery pack at 50p x 20s and one BMS preferred or 5 packs in parallel of 10px 20s and 5 BMSs the way to go?

Can someone point me in the right direction with possibly a few links that can fill in my lack of knowledge in this area? I appreciate your patience and knowledge.
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