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191,339 Chinese are selling electrical cars

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some are original factory builds, most are converters

Cheapest I seen for $3800
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There are some pretty cool looking cars on there ... and the prices are decent too. I would be curious to know if anyone out there has ever bought a car from alibaba. I have seen Kandi Coco's tuning up around the east coast which I assume are being imported in pairs.

Does anyone have success or un-success stories? :)

I am looking for a *small* battery operated car that looks cool, and doesn't cost $25k to $35! But I also have to be practical. My daily commute is about 3 miles (round trip) on roads that are 35mph or less. But I live in Ohio ... and it gets cold! I would need something with doors (and maybe heat). Although my daily driver for many years was a 68 VW Beetle - and I never really minded the lack of heat.
The three-wheeled vehicles seem to be an interesting way to get cars imported and registered as "motorcycles". But I am interested in a four wheeled car that is *enclosed* and remotely car-shaped. The Xebra sedan fits that description I suppose --- but they are a tough find these days and they are ugly as sin.

Also - I don't want to have to go out and take a motorcycle test and get a special license ... to drive my three wheeled 'car'. :)

I had my eye on the new Kandi CoCo hardtop, but it's rather pricey (and still tough to find outside of Florida). For the same price you can get a much better vehicle ... but how? Look at some of those cars on Alibaba. I have another thread for this question - but how would you go about buying one of those cars? Would it get held up at customs, and if so, *why*?

I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to arrange to order the frame of the car - and then all the parts on another order. Then assemble the vehicle yourself and call it a custom built vehicle? :)
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Beware of frauds on Alibaba and sites like that. Many low prices are actually from sucker hunters as China has a very poor mechanism for stopping or punishing them. Those prices under 7.000 USD are mainly frauds...

If you want to check it out, have a Chinese speaking colleague check the Chinese version of Alibaba for you since those fraudsters don't post there or at least that often. You would find most of products/prices you like do not show up in Chinese versions. The shortest way to find fakes...

Just so you do not make any costly mistakes...
The chinese bought an aptera prototype if memory servs, did they ever start making a fake?

I wouldn't mind one even if I had to put in a full drivetrain :)
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