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191,339 Chinese are selling electrical cars

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some are original factory builds, most are converters

Cheapest I seen for $3800
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There are some pretty cool looking cars on there ... and the prices are decent too. I would be curious to know if anyone out there has ever bought a car from alibaba. I have seen Kandi Coco's tuning up around the east coast which I assume are being imported in pairs.

Does anyone have success or un-success stories? :)

I am looking for a *small* battery operated car that looks cool, and doesn't cost $25k to $35! But I also have to be practical. My daily commute is about 3 miles (round trip) on roads that are 35mph or less. But I live in Ohio ... and it gets cold! I would need something with doors (and maybe heat). Although my daily driver for many years was a 68 VW Beetle - and I never really minded the lack of heat.
The three-wheeled vehicles seem to be an interesting way to get cars imported and registered as "motorcycles". But I am interested in a four wheeled car that is *enclosed* and remotely car-shaped. The Xebra sedan fits that description I suppose --- but they are a tough find these days and they are ugly as sin.

Also - I don't want to have to go out and take a motorcycle test and get a special license ... to drive my three wheeled 'car'. :)

I had my eye on the new Kandi CoCo hardtop, but it's rather pricey (and still tough to find outside of Florida). For the same price you can get a much better vehicle ... but how? Look at some of those cars on Alibaba. I have another thread for this question - but how would you go about buying one of those cars? Would it get held up at customs, and if so, *why*?

I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to arrange to order the frame of the car - and then all the parts on another order. Then assemble the vehicle yourself and call it a custom built vehicle? :)
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