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1941 WillE's Being built at EyeKandyKustoms

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Hello Everyone

We have a opportunity to do a conversion on a Custom 1941 Willy's Pick up.

Here at Eye Kandy we have built lots of different ICE cars.... although most showed up running on foot power. We have the required abilities and equipment to fabricate and assemble a vehicle. What we are lacking is in knowledge in building an EV.

So I am here to learn and take recommendations on what it will take to complete this project.

My performance goals are to scare the driver and his passenger:D
.... but I think the Client doesn't want or need to set any records...

Something performance based, with some range?

We do have reasonable budgets for the build. So it will receive a full new chassis and your recommended drivelines and controllers.

So lets hear what you would do? or your Dream set ups!!!

Look forward to learning some new tricks.