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1948 Fiat 500 Topolino Conversion

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Hi Everybody,

I just joined your forum and am excited to read all the good content.

I own a '48 Fiat 500 Topolino. Damn cute car but even with a rebuilt original 15 hp engine, its horrible relative to getting around town. I. understand all the conversion shops are back logged for years. On Retro Electric, the TV program, the chaps in Wales did almost the exact same car as their second conversion.

Is there anyone out there who has done several conversions who would consider converting my car and be paid? I would acquire and of course pay for all the parts before the job is started. I live in Sacramento, CA, but don't have a problem transporting the car within the western states to get a decent job. Just thought the DIYers out there may like doing another. Here is a link to the car when I bought it off BaT back in 2018 with tons of pictures:

If I lost the back seat to battery storage, no big deal. The engine comes out with four bolts and the front of the car (hood) lifts off its two hooks with no tools in seconds. I don't need super long range or a speedy car. Double or so HP and reliability is what I am looking for. If it had no transmission and simply accelerated like a golf cart, all the better.

If anybody has an interest, please email me at [email protected] or call me at 916-834-4600.


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Sounds like a fun project!

"The guys" are trying to convince me to retire and go in on starting a new EV classic conversion business with my truck as the first. My thought is how to do this with a "more buy, less labor" approach to enable higher throughout. Yeah and the fact there's no experienced labor to be found anymore, they all want to retire. I got a quote with atrosciously high labor on top of the parts that if we can figure out how to cut to a fifth, we might just have something.

If the existing shops are filled up for years, maybe there's a strong business model for the good, experienced people here to make it a go!

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