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I'd like to convert my 1949 Willys CJ2A, but know that my DIY skills aren't good enough for such a project. I can do portions or help out, but need to find a mechanic, school auto shop project, or someone/something else to do the complicated bits.

I also come up short with the cash needed to pay the rates of some conversion shops. One quote came in at $32,000! Yikes!

I spoke with EV-America to get a materials quote and he insisted it's easy enough for most anyone. Find that very hard to believe.

The Willys is about 2100 pounds, a stick, has no heat/AC, and been done before as Electro-Willys which can be found online (and somewhere on this forum). I'm not looking for anything more than 40 mph and 40ish range.

Any suggestions? Should I find another project? :)

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