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It's a truck. You said you wanted to use it as a truck.

It's complete nonsense to put the body and bed on a cut down Leaf unibody. Not that I ever have an opinion on anything here...

Use "everything" except the Leaf gearbox. Get something like a Torquebox (your Leaf's gearbox plus its wheels and doors will pay for it) and stuff the Leaf motor and Torquebox into the tunnel, run the driveshaft to the stock rear end. Even better, use the original tranny.

Batteries & PDM under da hood.

Upgrade to 4 wheel disk brakes all around, but I wouldn't destroy the character of the truck, including its front beam axle.

If you want a Leaf, buy a Leaf. If you want a truck on a Leaf unibody, get a vinyl wrap with a truck photo on it for your Leaf. It has to have some of the crappy aspects of a 50's Dodge left in it to give it character. Leaf unibody? Ick. Sterile modern IFS suspension? 🤮
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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