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1951 Hudson Hornet X Project

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My name is John, I have been stalking the forum for a while and with the newest project I have decided to join up.

I am in the beginning stages of building a Tesla swapped customized 1951 Hudson Hornet.

This the car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Classic car Antique car

This is the sketches I made laying out the mods.
Motor vehicle Vehicle Car Model car Toy vehicle

This is the spaceX rocket to replace the 50's style cigar fender rocket

I have a lot of restoration and custom work to do including the design and construction of a frame.

I was hoping that you guys might be able to help here pointing me in the direction of someone that might have a flood damaged large rear drive unit that I will need for mocking up the rear of the car along with 30" tall drag radials.

Thanks everyone,