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Good Day to you all

My name is Sam, a.k.a. Newbie...

For a while now I've been thinking about converting a 1954 Chevrolet 3100 PickUp to an EV... the more I googleyoutubeforum this idea, the more I like it!

What I dream about at night is this PickUp to have the following features:
- equivalent horsepower to the ice (around 100 hp, 85 kW)
- highway going (+ 100 km/h)
- able to visit mother in law ;-) (+150 km range)
- diverse charging ability (220 V - 380V)
- long lasting daily driver
- looking awesome while doing it all!

What I'm busy doing right now is looking at cars to buy, looking at motors, batteries, controllers, chargers, a.s.o., trying to get my bearings on wanted/needed voltage and battery-pack size.

What I worry about are the local regulations about getting a car like that roadgoing is switzerland (switzerland to it's core!) and finding a friend to help me with the electronics. I'm pretty handy with tools and a hammer... where a multimeter is involved it gets fuzzy...

So... if any of you feel inclined to spend some encouraging words... it would be highly appreciated.

Time to turn dreams into plans, right?
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