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1954 Chevrolet 3100 PickUp

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Hey everyone
My name is Sam, a.k.a. Newbie...
I'd like to convert a 1954 Chevrolet 3100 PickUp into an EV. So far it's still more of a dream than a plan. But the more i googleyoutubeforum this idea, the more i like it!

Here's what i have in mind, what that pickup should be able to do:
- road going
- equivalent horsepower to ice (around 100 hp, 85 kW)
- highway going (+ 100 km/h)
- able to visit mother in law ;-) (+150 km range)
- realiable to maybe use as daily driver
- looking awesome doing it all!

What I've been doing this far: Looking at available cars, doing some claculations on motors, usage and battery-packs (and learning lots of new stuff doing it), giving some hints about it all to my wife and family ;-)

What I worry about: Swiss road regulations (Switzerland to it's core!) and finding a friend to help me with the electronics. I'm pretty handy withe wrenches and a hammer... where a multimeter is involved it get's fuzzy.

So... if anyone feels inclined to spend some encouraging words, it would be highly appreciated.

Glad to be here!
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Hi Sam ?

Where are you about in Switzerland ? I'm living close to Zug and could help out regarding the electrics. I am myself looking for a suitable donor car (must be lightweight like a lotus or so).

Let me know if you got the car and need help ...
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