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Hi, I started building my EV at the start of covid. I have made pretty good progress so far and hope to have it driving on the streets this summer 2022. The car is based on a 1969 VW beetle pan chopped and a 2019 Vintage motor car of Cali body kit. I am getting my 5 tesla model S module boxes built in the next month and a bit, to drive the vehicle with a hyper 9 motor kit from EV west.

When I 1st started the conversion I went to the junk yard and grabbed a Nissan Versa Electric power steering which I have custom mounted in the middle of my TRW steering box and a original 1956 Beetle column. The reason for the electric power steering is two fold; as I get older I don't want to have to strong arm the car in the grocery market parking lot. I also want my wife to be able to use the car as well and not feel that she has to move the 230 pounds of batteries over the front tires.

I have the power steering working in default assist mode which seems great for the two times I have connected a battery to move it around the garage; but I am wondering if I could utilize the CANBus to adjust the steering at speed. I have can L and R coming off the 2009 Nissan Versa PSU, I also have pulse signal at speed coming from the speedometer GPS lines; The vehicle has a 4 speed VW transaxle, so it would be hard to know what gear I am in so the GPS would probably be the only way for me to know how fast the car is going to adjust the steering.

I saw online that some people put a pot between the ground and the torque signal wires to dial it in at the dash; what have others done that make it really easy to use?

I am also wondering what others have used for get the state of charge meter like a Xantrex Link Pro to adjust the fuel gauge on the dash. I need to generate a resistance as the pack gets slower. Not sure what leads I get off the Xantrex yet, but I can adjust the digital value in and convert it to a resistive level to the fuel gauge. I have a 0-1000ohm Digital resistor that I plan to use with 256 taps, I am hoping to get the gauge to read 1/8 increments and use the Xantrex as my main precision reader hiding somewhere under the dash as to not look out of place.

Any help on these two topic would be great; thanks

Here is a link to build if someone whats to see all the fun I have had over the last two years.Facebook Speedster Album
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