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1996 Toyota Land Cruiser
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I saw it in a kit on eBay, and thought I could get it cheaper. Do you have any recommendations for a more powerful motor? The car dose only weigh 700 kg's with the original engine.
What are you goals? Do you want to drive at highway speeds? Do you want to be able to get out of your own way? That motor is 10kw, or about 13 horsepower. The original engine for that car made 33kw, 44hp. You probably want an electric motor that makes similar power to the original engine, but probably more so that you can keep up with modern traffic.

You need to at least get a basic grasp of EVs and understand voltage and amperage and how they relate to eachother and to an electric motor. If you are just finding a cheap motor on ebay with no care about the power it makes or voltage it uses, you are going to have a bad time.

Yes, that motor will work and the 48 volt controller will make it spin, however at only 48 volts that motor will struggle to make the rated 10kw output. Probably 5kw.

Also the batteries you chose if you get 30 of them wired in series will be 96 volts which will certainly fry your 48 volt controller.

Lastly, the DC-DC converter you chose has a maximum input of 48 or 72 volts so your 96 volt battery will likely destroy it.

Or you can parallel your cells to have 48v and the car might be able to do 25mph.
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