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I'm considering doing a Ev conversion on my 1966 Vauxhall viva. I don't really understand what a lot of what I'm looking at/ for when I'm looking at parts. I'd really appreciate some help. I think I managed to work out what parts I might need (listed below)

.the motor is a motenergy me1114

.the controller is a sevcon gen 4 controller,
size 4 48v (this might be the wrong model I'm not sure)
I have also found a wiring harness for this controller and motor combo Harness for Sevcon Gen4 Series Controllers with Motenergy Motors - Electric Drive Engineering

.For batterys i think I can use Winston Battery WB-LYP40AHA WB-LYP40AHA 3.2V 40Ah ( I think I would have to use 30 cells) but I don't really know if they would even work Winston Battery WB-LYP40AHA WB-LYP40AHA 3.2V 40Ah

.For a DC DC converter i would use a sevcon

Again I don't know much about electronics so if I missed some stuff I will need or some of the parts I think will work don't could someone tell me.
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