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I just realized I posted a very frustrated thread over in the battery section without posting up what I'm doing, so I'll rectify that.

I am going to try and get my inherited Sunbeam back up on the road in the best way I can think of - ELECTRIC. I'm a fairly mechanically savvy person with degree in CSE so I figure I have enough background to tackle this kind of thing and frankly I love tinkering like this but this would definitely be my biggest project yet.

As of now I'm not too specific on components as I would like to deal hunt as budget is definitely a concern, but the goal is to have something that would have a <7s 0-60 that can do highway speeds (If I can get 80mph I'd be over the moon) with a 100 mile range. I don't plan to road trip the car but I want to be able to go drive it and not be worried for the day.

If you see any good deals or have some equipment that you think would fit the bill, drop me a pm!
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