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I'm semi retired and looking to spend some time on a new project, buying a 1969 Citroen DS and have it converted to a convertible EV. The DS was far ahead of its time when it came out in the mid 60's and continues to be one of the world's most iconic car designs. The one thing the engineers at Citroen didn't spend much effort on was the car's engine, which, all would agree, was lackluster, although it was always meant to be a family sedan and not a sport car. An electric propulsion seems so appropriate for this car.

Transforming a DS to a convertible is not so uncommon and there are specialists in Europe (Netherlands, Germany or England for example) with enough experience to carry on the work. What is less common is the conversion to an EV and the primary reason I joined this amazing site with so many resources. At this time I'm looking to gather as much information I can about the conversion and plan to spend a great deal of time reading and asking question on the forum.

My timeframe is to start sometime in 2022 for a 2024 completion. EV tech evolves so quickly that I will probably wait until the very last minute to pick the electric parts (although I have a strong preference for Tesla batteries and parts). At this point I'm simply trying to figure out configuration (1-2-3 or 4 motors?), transmission integration, power output, etc.

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