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longtime lurker here...

I bought this Auranthetic last year, hoping to restore it completely. As the motor needed rewinding it didn't make financial sense (I'm a grad student...), so I built it up with bike/scooter parts and have been tooling around town on it. I'm in Davis, CA, but could meet anywhere in the Sac area.

Here's the CL text - do let me know if you have any questions:

This is a 1973 (?) Auranthetic charger. During the first gas crisis, a startup in LA built these by lengthening Taiwanese scooter frames and fitting them with a 1 hp electric motor, running at 24V on two car batteries. It seems this was the first production electric "motorcycle" made and they made at least a thousand of them.

There is some information and even parts available online. Start here: show contact info

I rescued this one in a pretty sorry state last year. I planned to restore it completely to stock, but the original motor needed rewinding ($600+ quote), so I "restomoded" it and switched to 48V with an electric bike controller, 4 electric wheelchair batteries, and a 1000W motor. In the process, I redid all the electrics - none of the wiring is stock (I have a hand drawn wiring diagram to go with it and can help troubleshoot anything). It goes about 23 mph and probably about 12-15 miles/charge, though I am not really sure; as when the batteries get low, it gets really slow, so I don't let it get down - controller does have an automatic cut out at 42V to not stress them, but I've never let it get below 44. Batteries have 7 or so charge cycles on them, they charge up to 53V or so, so they'll last awhile. Its been converted to scooter chain with a custom machined rear sprocket. I have a couple pieces of steel sheet as a motor mount and the motor shimmed in.

It has a 48 to 12V converter in the "gas" tank to run the lights. I converted the blinkers to LED, added a replacement taillight (with a brake light feed, but didn't wire that up) but left the headlight as is - there is a light switch wired up below the front light with H/L settings. I also added a newer digital voltmeter and a key switch. These are on a replacement sheet metal piece on the top of the gas tank. I have the original, but didn't want to cut it for a new one.

I straightened and welded up the seat pan, which had broken off its mounts, reupholstered the torn seat (though I'm not a pro, so its not perfect) and added some bolstering foam to the original, as it was flaky. Brake drums are new as are rear shocks. As these bikes were way too heavy for the forks, the forks were bent, and though I straightened and shimmed them; however, under heavy braking the bike still has a tendency to shimmy a bit.

Tires are old, but fine. Tubes are newer and good.

I charge it with a standard motorcycle battery charger, though you could buy a 48V golf cart charger or something to do it that way.

Its perfectly functional as is, but a few things could be done to make it better:
(1) a heavier duty motor mount (1/8" or so) would probably be a good thing in the long run
(2) a better tie down system for the batteries (currently bungees) would make it look better
(3) a chainguard of some sort would be good - I didn't want to cut up the original one to fit the current arrangement.
(4) The controller area could be covered to hide all the wiring.

A big box of original parts will come with it (motor, chainguard, charger, plug, wiring harness, weird speed switch, etc.); it is missing very little: just the original taillight and one contactor (~$10) and both the original voltmeter and the plastic battery cover are broken. It could easily be returned to stock, but would cost quite a bit more than it is probably worth (unless you have the skill/patience to rewind the motor yourself). The original rear shocks could be rebuilt.

It is street legal and currently registered (moped, as it is 1kw and goes under 30). Transferring the registration costs $17 (forever; no yearly fees on a moped).

I've got over $700 in it in total, but I'm very open to offers, especially if you will restore it to original as it should be (but its really fun as is, so you could restore in a few years, too).

Pictures are of before (0047), old seat (1265), and current (2520).


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