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For Sale: 1974 Battronic Electric Vehicle PROJECT! - $2500

This is a TOTAL project. Maybe even a basket case.

1974 Battronic. Really rare vehicle, not even a whole lot of info on Google. Made in Boyertown Pennsylvania. This truck was owned by St Joe Electric in Missouri at one point.

I am hoping that someone is going to continue what I started. I've lost interest and life has changed a bit for me recently. The parts that I have purchaced are all top quality. I have around 4000 thousand dollars in parts alone that I have purchased for this project. It adds up quick! I'm selling this at the lowest price as much as I can. I would rather not piece this out if at all possible. I would sell all the electronics (minus the motor) separate from the vehicle for $2000.00. $2500 for EVERYTHING!

I bought this of Ebay from a nice guy in North Kansas City a couple of years ago. When I bought it the running system was all 1974 technology. Basically it was the operating system off an older forklift. I gutted all of the old stuff and have been aquiring new technology to run this thing. I wanted to keep the original paint and feel of the van, just wanted updated electronics.

The van itself is in real good condition. It has a few small rust spots. Under the hood there is some surface rust that should be addressed before adding all the new stuff (my plan was to have all the under hood area sandblasted and then painted before adding all the new electronics). It has drum brakes all around and still even has the original bias ply tires. The front glass is cracked. Manual brakes and steering.

This project has been designed to be a 144v system. You will still need to purchase the batteries (12 deep cycle batteries, or whatever combo you want to come up with that equals 144 volts). That is really about all the other major electronics that is left to buy. Of course there will be small things, but most of the big money things are already purchaced.

It is powered by a huge G.E. Traction Series Motor that had been rebuilt by Klemp Electric in Kansas City. A small driveshaft connects from the motor to a NP 205 transfer case and then a driveshaft connects from there to the rear end. The transfer case is what allows it to have a high and low gear. The frame is built heavy duty as well as the running gear.

I have the transfer case removed and was planning to have it rebuilt while it was out. Not sure that it needs rebuilt, but I was going to do it anyway.

I'm not to sure on how well the brakes work, but I did purchace a new master cylinder for it. I'm assuming that the rest will have to be gone thru as well. Emergency brake works though!

This is a non-running project!

Here is a general list of some of the parts that I have aquired so far:

-Curtis 1231c controller with a hard to find factory heat sink (1400.00)
-Quick Charge Select-A-Charge 144v 10 amp charger. (400)
-ElCon DC-DC converter (250.00)
-Curtis Foot Pedal Potbox (150.00)
-Albright Contactors (660.00)
-Gauges (200.00)
-Electrical safety equipment (250.00)
-50 foot of battery cable + terminals ect (400.00)
-Motor rebuild (700.00)

I included a picture of my receipt from EV America.

The engine is rebuilt ($700). The controller and charger was bought on this forum unused ($1400). Everything else is from EV America ($2000).

I have other parts too. I also have a whole bunch of literature on the history of this vehicle. Manuals, parts lists, ect. I also have a clean title in my name.

$2500 for everything. I'd prefer the whole thing sold as a package.

Feel free to call/text me if you are SERIOUSLY interested. Or better yet, come buy and check it out. I live in Independence MO. It's an interesting vehicle for sure. I promise you won't find another like it.



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