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Hi guys/gals
I have a Detomaso Pantera that I am currently doing an AWD conversion on. Originally I was planning to use a Gallardo trans and differential (which I have).
This however locks me into a set tire size at the front of the vehicle which would require substantial front fender modifications which I would prefer to not have to do from an aesthetics standpoint. I also wanted to be able to have infinitely variable torque split from front to rear. I have years of experience with internal combustion engine management so the controls side is no problem. The EV specific wiring such as high voltage charging systems, battery banks and such is where I lack expertise. So, to answer the questions in the where do I start thread:

Range: Very small. This is not being used as a primary propulsion. It is purely for short duration, high power bursts such as exiting a corner, or acceleration to speed.

Performance: I would like to see 300-600 ft/lbs of torque to the front tires. As stated above, this is not the prime mover. There is a IC engine in the rear that will be doing most of the heavy lifting.

Money: I am hoping to be able to make this happen for under $20,000. I have a fair bit of fabrication experience and access to CNC machining available. I know this is very likely not possible for this budget but its a start to at least get info for an appropriate budget.

Parts: So much time spent on this. I had debated Tesla drivetrains for power/simplicity but weight/size is my primary concern. I have also considered the Delco/Remy HVH250-090 series motors adapted to the gallardo front differential or possibly even direct driven but would need a custom case and some sort of differential. With the reduction gearing in the gallardo differential this would get me in the range of my goals if not exceed but once again very large and heavy. The axial flux stuff is appealing but expensive and from what I understand more difficult to control. X-Trac makes some very nice integrated differentials but I shudder to think of how pricey that would be. I also attempted to contact them with no success.

Another project in the initial planing stages is a hybrid system for a 50+ foot trawler. I am just having difficulties wrapping my head around ways to make the system as efficient as possible whilst still providing enough power/torque to drive a pod drive with a fairly large propeller. The electrics in this case would have to be able to supply 100% of the drive power and be able to maintain load for prolonged periods of time. Fortunately, being an aluminum hulled boat I have lots of options for excessive cooling. Current idea is a multiple DC generator system to feed power. I like this idea because I can link multiple smaller engines with no need to sync frequencies. This helps for packaging and ballasting as well as redundancy as this would be a long range cruiser. Being it is a larger boat my space constraints for the actual electric drive and weights are much less restricted. I would be removing a 2000+ lb diesel engine to fit this system. Budget is also considerably greater for this. My current roadblock is figuring out supply for DC generators that will be sufficiently sized to provide full amperage and voltage of the motor drive. I am guessing somewhere in the range of 150-180 KW total. I would also need to figure out a motor for this system as well. Possibly the Delco/Remy as well? This project is in its infancy and might not even come to fruition but heck, what else am I going to research in my off time?

The Pantera project is already underway so I am full steam on this one. Should be a fun project.

Blaine Carmena
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